I've eaten my way through seven of the city's chilaquiles spots and put together this guide so you can find the best chilaquiles in Houston.

This list is based on my personal experiences with each restaurant, none of which were sponsored. I'm sure there are plenty more delicious spots out there too, but these seven standouts really cover some great chilaquiles.

I tried to keep it lighthearted when discussing the spots and their delicious offerings – after all, food should be a joy, right? So let's dive in and see which spot serves up the best chilaquiles in Houston!

Cielito Cafe

Cielito Cafe
🗺️ 1915 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006
☎️ 832-409-5253
🌐 Website
Sunday: 8 AM–2:30 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8 AM–2:30 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM–2:30 PM
Thursday: 8 AM–2:30 PM
Friday: 8 AM–2:30 PM
Saturday: 8 AM–2:30 PM

I recently visited Cielito Cafe and the chilaquiles did not disappoint. The ingredients were fresh and the flavors were explosive! With tomatoes, onions, cheese and eggs cooked with tortilla chips – this dish was truly a dream come true. I also loved their variety of salsas that helped take the dish to another level.

Overall, I'd highly recommend Cielito Cafe for the best chilaquiles in Houston. The atmosphere is great, the service is excellent, and you can't beat the flavor combinations!

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🗺️ 404 Shepherd Dr #7336, Houston, TX 77007
☎️ 713-485-4047
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–4 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11 AM–4 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–4 PM
Friday: 11 AM–9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–9 PM

I've been to Polanquito several times and each time I was greeted with friendly staff and delicious food. The combination of the fried tortilla chips, homemade sauces, cheeses and proteins is perfect for any chilaquiles lover. The flavors are robust, zesty and balanced - making it a truly memorable experience.

The dish itself comes in two variations: green or red sauce with add-ons like cheese and extra protein if desired. In my opinion, their signature Green Chilaquiles is simply the best! It's accompanied by the most scrumptious creamy avocado salsa that just ties everything together perfectly.

Overall, I highly recommend Polanquito for anyone seeking the best chilaquiles in Houston!

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🗺️ 214 Fairview St Suite #1, Houston, TX 77006
☎️ 713-942-0000
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–10 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–10 PM
Friday: 11 AM–11 PM
Saturday: 11 AM–11 PM

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Cuchara and sampling their chilaquiles. It was truly an unforgettable experience! From the first bite, I knew I had found a diamond in the rough. The chilaquiles were flavorful yet not overpowering, perfectly cooked and full of texture. The combination of the crispy tortillas, melted cheese, soft eggs, and flavorful salsa was simply divine.

When it comes to atmosphere, Cuchara does not disappoint either. The vibe inside is cozy yet vibrant with plenty of seating for large groups or intimate dinners for two. And if that isn’t enough to bring you in, then the friendly staff will certainly do so! Every single person there made every effort to ensure my visit was perfect.

All in all, I highly recommend visiting Cuchara if you're looking for the best chilaquiles in Houston. You won't be disappointed!

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La Mexicana

La Mexicana
🗺️ 1018 Fairview St, Houston, TX 77006
☎️ 713-521-0963
🌐 Website
Sunday: 7 AM–9 PM
Monday: 7 AM–10 PM
Tuesday: 7 AM–10 PM
Wednesday: 7 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 7 AM–10 PM
Friday: 7 AM–11 PM
Saturday: 7 AM–11 PM

I have to say, the chilaquiles at La Mexicana are hands down some of the best I have ever had. The tortilla chips were perfectly cooked and not too greasy. The salsa, a perfect blend of spices, brought the dish to life. The cheese was abundant, melted nicely and topped off with a hint of parsley.

The portion size was just right – not too much, but enough to make me feel full by the end. And don't even get me started on how reasonably priced it all is!

All in all, La Mexicana offers an excellent chilaquiles experience for anyone looking for the best in Houston. Highly recommended!

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The Original Ninfa's on Navigation

The Original Ninfa's on Navigation
🗺️ 2704 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003
☎️ 713-228-1175
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–10 PM
Monday: 11 AM–10 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–10 PM
Friday: 11 AM–11 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–11 PM

The Original Ninfa's on Navigation is renowned for its amazing chilaquiles. The delicious mix of crispy chips, eggs, salsa, and cheese make it a definite must-try. Every bite is as good as the last.

I've been going to The Original Ninfa's on Navigation every time I'm in Houston for years. The service is always great and friendly, so you know you're in for a wonderful experience from start to finish.

The atmosphere at The Original Ninfa's on Navigation is nothing short of amazing - it keeps me coming back for more. There's live music, the decor is festive and inviting, plus the outdoor seating area gives you plenty of room to relax with friends and family while enjoying your meal.

If you're looking for the best chilaquiles in Houston, look no further than The Original Ninfa's on Navigation!

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El Rancherito Taqueria

El Rancherito Taqueria
🗺️ 6818 Chetwood Dr, Houston, TX 77081
☎️ 713-661-1824
Sunday: 7 AM–12 AM
Monday: 6 AM–11 PM
Tuesday: 6 AM–11 PM
Wednesday: 6 AM–11 PM
Thursday: 6 AM–11 PM
Friday: 6 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 6 AM–12 AM

Their chilaquiles were truly a delight - the freshly-made tortilla chips were layered with a perfectly balanced combination of spices and flavors. The sauce was incredible – the perfect amount of smoky, spicy, and tangy! Topped with perfectly cooked eggs, sour cream, cheese and onions - it's no wonder why this meal has been a Houston favorite for years!

The best part? The price is unbeatable! For less than $10 you can get a full plate of delicious chilaquiles. It's definitely worth it to give El Rancherito Taqueria a try if you're in Houston looking for the best chilaquiles around!

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Tamales Don Pepe

Tamales Don Pepe
🗺️ 3816 Link Valley Dr., Houston, TX 77025
☎️ 281-846-6195
🌐 Website
Sunday: 8 AM–2 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7 AM–3 PM
Wednesday: 7 AM–3 PM
Thursday: 7 AM–3 PM
Friday: 7 AM–3 PM
Saturday: 7 AM–3 PM

The taste of the chilaquiles at Tamales Don Pepe is unparalleled. The flavor is outstanding and the textureof their chilaquiles is just right - not too soft, not too crunchy.

The staff at Tamales Don Pepe is always friendly and eager to help. They work hard to make sure that every customer gets the best experience possible while they are there.

The atmosphere of Tamales Don Pepe is cozy and inviting. The restaurant has a home-like feel which adds to the experience of eating here.

Overall, I highly recommend Tamales Don Pepe as one of the best places for chilaquiles in Houston!

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